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  • Scarlett Demy

Overcome Male Envy

We always hear in society how women are jealous and catty, but we rarely hear about the male side of the spectrum.

I was told recently by a divine masculine that in his experience, most guys that go to the gym are scoping other guys out and comparing themselves to see who is bigger and more muscular. That it was so important it even topped the activity of checking out hot girls.

Naturally everyone who has an ego, male or female, is susceptible to ego traps. Jealousy, comparison, insecurity, unworthiness etc.

When a person is so caught up in the material and too identified with the physical, their energy tends to concentrate in the lower three chakras that represent power, sexuality, and material security. Without a balance in the higher centers this will manifest as an overemphasis on these three aspects. Gym obsessions are a manifestation of this.

Yes women like muscles for sure, especially abs. But to be honest most women who see overdeveloped muscles immediately sense and feel that the guy is insecure. It’s better to have a balanced muscular form that is enhanced in appearance by a spiritual practice.

Energy is what radiates the beauty of masculine and feminine forms and makes it truly attractive.

The best comprehensive male physical/spiritual protocol is right here👇🏽

Masculine Mastery


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