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  • Scarlett Demy


I’ve always had a funny feeling about the idea of spiritual protection. To me protection implies that there is a threat, so if you create the idea that you need to shield yourself from something then you are simultaneously creating a fear to focus on. In contrast, if you are focused on the state of #joy and #easeand you feel that you are always safe because fear is not real then you don’t need protection.

We live in a #holographic#reality in which we are projecting all that we see and experience. Trying to run away or escape the darkness and fears you have is like trying to run away from your own #shadow. In contrast, you can face the shadow and see what false ideas you carry in your mind that it is trying to #reveal to you.

When you meditate you will notice recurring thoughts or emotions that you want to push away because they don’t feel good to experience and focus on. However the only way that thought or emotion tends to leave is when it is noticed and acknowledged and let go. The fears in your life are the same. Like the horror movies often show, once you uncover the body then the spirit stops haunting the place. Find the story and let it go.


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