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  • Scarlett Demy


We are all aware that there is a distortion of gender polarity currently going on. The masculine within both women and men has been corrupted and we need to bring it back into balance. Aside from cleaning up our diets which are influenced by the sex hormones from the birth control flushed into the food and water supply, we need to collectively balance the feminine and masculine interdependence in society.

This isn’t done by making men more “macho” and aggressive but by balancing the feminine within the man. We do this by creating new associations to what masculinity really is. You can be masculine and vulnerable, and women are actually very attracted to that. We also however don’t need to create men with too much “yin” or female energy as know in Taoism. Too much “yin” in a man will usually cause him to be suppressed in his vocal expression and more likely to indulge in addictive outlet behaviors such as drugs or pornography where they feel a greater sense of personal control.

Women are just as much to blame as men in the current silent epidemic. When a woman overly tries to dominate a man it’s like energetically castrating his masculinity and neither person ends up happy.

Women actually really want a powerful “yang” or masculine energy to lead her on the spiritual path, however we also don’t want it in an oppressive or overbearing way and we don’t want to have to give up our own masculine energy in order for a man to “step it up.” This is what happens when men start to do things like scapegoating feminism as the reason for male oppression.

We all want to be in our full power.

Bottom line is we are all responsible for our own gender balance. As women, we can help to empower a man’s masculine by pulling out the “yin” within him. Reflecting to him his own innate creative expression and teaching him to tap into intuition rather than logic (solar/masculine thinking). As men you can help create connection and intimacy with women by allowing her to tap into her own masculine energy and not being threatened by it, rather using it as a challenge to step even more boldly into your own masculinity.


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