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  • Scarlett Demy

Polarity of the Brain

Most organs of the body, the eyes, the ears, the lungs, the kidneys, as well as our limbs are bi-polar. This is the physical manifestation of the polarity of the universe. North Pole/South Pole, Right/Left, Dark/Light, Good/Bad. Two ends of magnetism.

Tantric yoga is a path of non duality and neutrality.

Everything has polarity - and + however you surf the ebbs and flows when you are neutral rather than polarized. Rather than being caught in magnetic flux you are free flowing.

Energy vibration is an oscillation of the negative and positive, the ascent and descent of energy repeatedly creates a wave of energy that we call vibration.

Because polarity is inherently vibratory and self perpetuating, like an alternating current, Tantric Yoga teaches you to rest in the neutral point so you don’t get hit by highs and lows. You can enjoy blissful states of presence that are not dependent on external circumstances. Through practical techniques that alter the direction of polarized energies, synchronizing the left brain and right brain hemispheres, it allows the seeker to reach a state of peaceful non duality.

The brain being a bi-polar organ will never give you the answers you seek in finality because by its nature there is a yes explanation for every no explanation. Arguments, debates and online squabbles of people trying to prove a point are a manifestation of this endless self perpetuating polarity.

The heart chakra, the seat of compassion, is neutral and provides clarity by virtue of its central position.

We are always seeking the balance, whether we are aware of it or not. The peace and calm you seek comes from a neutral state of mind.


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