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Pretty Girls

Part of the suppression of female sexuality goes hand in hand with the commodification of #women. Women are expected to look perfect for their husbands and boyfriends and their beauty is an assessment of their value as a whole. This does great harm to the #female psyche as it disregards and underplays her other and more valuable assets, such as her #intelligence, her #personality and her #soul. To be valued purely for your physical attributes is akin to being a product at a super market, to be purchased or disregarded based on appearance.

Men‘s value is assessed according to other traits and we are fed the message that looks are not so important when choosing a man. This gives a man more choice in how he creates self worth (though sometimes he may also feel insecure from the social financial/provider demands placed on him). Women and men must understand that their value is far greater than their physical casing. You will never be able to look at someone and judge them physically as less than or “ugly” without simultaneously judging that same aspect in yourself. Choose to practice true #selflove by seeing the beauty in all.

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