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  • Scarlett Demy


Why is it that we condemn the women in sex work rather than innerstand the whole story before passing judgement?

In our rapidly crumbling patriarchy, we often look down on sex workers and women who monetize sexuality, focused on them alone and not their customers or the sociopolitical frame that created them.

The large majority of sex workers are not actually interested in being sex workers but are driven into the trade through duress.

There is a very strong link between sexual abuse and subsequent sex work. An organization called Refuge for Women says that 90% of their female human trafficking survivors have survived childhood sexual abuse.

It is very common with repressed sexual trauma to take the route of hypersexuality, an attempt to regain control over one’s sexual energy and byproduct of a belief system relating one’s self worth as purely sexual.

With the advent of pornography and OnlyFans more and more women are succumbing to unhealed traumas and low self worth, believing that their sexuality is the only thing of value.

Our society has only recently given women somewhat of a chance at equal financial opportunity, and still women must fight generations of ancestral trauma and epigenetics in which their physical and sexual value is the only thing that helped them to survive.

It is one thing if a woman truly enjoys and feels empowered monetizing her sexuality, but for the large majority it is modern day sexual slavery.

Sexual energy is the root of all energy and since money is a form of power, prostitution is a widespread disempowerment of women and their collective soul.

I created the Healing From Sexual Trauma class for people to find and uproot any energies causing sexual dysfunction and low self worth. 👇🏽

Art: Ingres - The Grand Odalisque

Manet - Nana

Perez - Giorgina


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