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Refine Your Order

Do you know exactly what you want? How clear can you be about what you want your life to look like if someone asked you and gave you 30 seconds to explain?

If this doesn’t come easily, then it means you need to spend #time clearly defining what you want your life to look like, and more importantly #feel like.

If you are sitting in a restaurant and the waiter comes to take your order, but you haven’t decided yet which dish you want, then he won’t be able to bring it to you. If you can decide quickly, then he will bring your food quickly and you will have more time to enjoy it and plan for what you will eat for dessert.

The universe will bring you your wishes the more #clear and #detailed you are about what it is you desire. Medium rare, no onions, extra salad etc. You can do this with people or situations, feeling into the exact way it would feel to have them appear in your life.

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