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Replacing Intimacy with Pets

One of the biggest reasons people are obsessed with their pets today is because they provide a sense of unconditional love absent from most relationships. So many people have given up on relating to other humans and building trust and intimacy that they have decided to go outside of their species for that feeling of love.

Pets can easily become a form of escapism and many humans have begun to cultivate friendships and bonds with their pets to the exclusion of wanting to relate to other humans anymore.

While animals are beautiful companions, it is unnatural to create intimacy with a species outside of your own while neglecting your own. We are biologically wired to expand and propagate our own energy. A pet should be extra love, not a replacement of love.

If your pet has become a comfort blanket keeping you from taking risks then you will always feel a void and lack of fulfillment internally.

Karmically humans are indebted to the domestication of all these wild species as we have interfered with nature and imposed our egoic possession onto what once were wild animals.

Many pets are likely to incarnate as humans in their next lives because of the amount of human energy they absorb being in proximity to people.

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