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  • Scarlett Demy

Repressed Sexuality & Control

Many people practicing No Fap or who are recovering from porn addiction are unaware that much of their problems come from the enforcement of shame and guilt in relation to sexuality.

Generational sexual dysfunction is a silent epidemic and this is the generation where we finally turn it around.

Sexual Trauma is not only an act of physical abuse, it’s also the trauma of repressed sexuality. Being told you are a sl*t or judged for a normal expression of yourself, feeling that you are dirty for violating a religion, being punished for not having clothes on or touching your body parts as a child, etc.

The whole reason circumcision in the US spread was because of a belief it would lead to decreased masturbation.

Yet sexuality is inherently pure and is the root energy of literally everything.

Many people carry shame and guilt from experiences or thoughts they have explored in relation to sexuality, internalizing a belief that they are inherently flawed and guilty.

Pornography is an external representation of the collective shadow of sexuality in society. All the bizarre and taboo topics and inappropriate behavior is a cathartic release for many who act out this internalized rebellion. The stigma itself is what leads many to arousal, rather than a genuine desire.

The subsequent feelings of having a release to distorted versions of sexuality only continue to reinforce the unfortunate cycles of shame and guilt.

It is a karmic loop that is broken only once one has fully accepted themselves, forgiven their past experiences and removed the traumas, imprints (samskaras) and memories that keep them stuck on replay.

If this resonates you may want to enroll in Healing from Sexual Trauma and re-establish a healthy connection to your sexuality, your Kundalini, and your life force energy.

Register here👇🏽


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