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  • Scarlett Demy

Rosary 📿 and Roses

Roses 🌹 are a symbol originally associated with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite that were later adopted by Christianity and assigned to Mother Mary. They represent the beginning of Springtime and fertility.

Garlands of roses were offered to Venus ♀️(Roman Aphrodite) whose symbol is a circle with a cross pendant, resembling a rosary.

Before that the Ankh ☥ was offered to Isis. The Ankh is known as the key of life, and is strikingly similar to the Venusian symbol.

The first mention of a Rosary is in Sanskrit - the Japa mala, when the roses later evolved to become prayer beads.

Christianity is very much paganism minus the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. There is particular focus on the divine father and referring to god as He, but not so much on the divine mother, in addition to the contextual blaming of the feminine Eve and discounting of the holiness of Mary Magdalene. There is particular significance to the Black Madonna which I wrote about before and the Virgin Mary and child (Isis and Horus) as adaptations of the ancient female goddesses.

The word Rosary means a bouquet of roses. It is said that each Hail Mary is an offering of a Rose to the Beloved Mother. A person prays to ‘mysteries’ of the Rosary that represent various stages in Jesus’ and Mary’s lives.

Tantra recognizes the divine feminine Goddess (Shakti) in the many various manifestations of her form as seen in the Mahavidyas, the Ten Wisdom Goddesses, and particular reverence for her in many different texts.


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