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Semen Retention Tips

The stabilization of semen is directly correlated to the stabilization of breath and thought. The more a divine masculine has mastered his breath, the more he has mastered his thinking, the more he is able to master the body.

It is also advantageous to implement the proper diet and a healthy movement filled lifestyle.

When a man no longer loses his life essence in a meaningless way, his whole world begins to shift. He is stronger physically, which becomes emotionally and mentally, and ultimately spiritually.

Many man have gone through repeating cycles of attempting No Fap and semen retention, only to find themselves at square one. When the goal is to appease the ego and simply starve the body of temptation without implementing the proper spiritual protocol, the result is often failure.

When a man is motivated to practice out of the desire for greater spiritual attainment, he naturally becomes in tune with the rhythms and voice within his body and spirit. He innerstands that he must go within and destroy whatever obstacles are creating the lack of control.

For a streamlined method of mastering breath, body, and mind check out the Masculine Mastery Course

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