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  • Scarlett Demy

Sexual Dominance

You must learn to see everything in terms of energy and energy exchanges. This will show you the secrets behind everything you experience.

Sexuality is power. The main reason sexuality is policed is because the person policing or having dominance over gains energy from the passive person.

Women have long been brainwashed into suppressing their sexuality through social shame, which has led to their marginalized status in most cultures.

It isn’t a coincidence that in the countries where female sexuality is most suppressed, you also see the fewest female political representatives and high earning executives.

Sexuality is a form of magnetism. The more sex/kundalini energy a person cultivates and properly masters the more magnetic they are to what they desire.

Weaker men will tell women to cover up because they don’t like the magnetism women have over them. Rather than cultivate their own sexual discipline and strength they attempt to police the energy externally.

To be radiant and powerful you must learn to cultivate your sexual energy so that you command what experiences you have, how freely you express yourself and maintain the strength to not allow others power over you.


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