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Shadow Empress

Not your typical rainbows and butterflies healer

I’m actually quite dark

Not how society taints that word but the kind that births new starts

The void, that you fear will eat you alive

Glock-17 to your pride

Massacre your small self

Kick the skeletons off your dusty closet shelves

Skeletor to your demons

Victimhood and drowning in feelings is not my thing

The best medicines are poisons, they start with a sting

I won’t tell you what you want to hear

Because I’d rather share the harsh truth

The Bible says confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth

There’s no more time for your decay

Here’s a new set of eyes

Windexed clean from all the lies

Detox the television programs

Do you even know who you are?

You think you are less-than because they told you to worship these fake stars

Yes it’s painful, this is spiritual surgery

Scalpel, files, tweezers, drills

Sargent to new spiritual leagues

There’s a war inside and outside so put on your fatigues

A Conscious war, they wanna occupy your mind

So it’s time for defense

No more Stockholm Syndrome

Let’s shatter the spiritual bypassing pretense

We’ll use the magic of the Egyptians, Isis Kemet & Thoth

Confidence and strong will replace laziness and sloth

I’ll poke your scabs and your wounds

The Self is everything so you fix all when you adjust you

Solid emotions, strong mind and spiritual health

Woke don’t mean broke

That’s part of the program

They want you to hate money but I believe in wealth

Karmically deleting your sins it’s seven terraces of purgatory

Do it so you don’t have to reincarnate into the same old story

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