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  • Scarlett Demy

Shadow Work

“Who are you in the dark? Show me the scary parts.”

Shadow work is an important way to create integration in the warring and disowned parts of ourselves. Like the Buddha “Inviting Mara to Tea,” we must face and embrace all that we fear to be darkness within us.

Tantric meditations are some of the most powerful methods for working with energy to unearth the subconscious darkness that may be buried within. Tantra is often called the fast track to self realization. This doesn’t mean it’s an easier route but rather a higher acceleration and force through your personal obstacles.

“The practice of Tantra will amplify whatever disturbance is present in your sub-conscious, until it has been brought into consciousness and resolved…. These techniques are some of the most potent ever devised to stir up the subconscious and force banished memories into consciousness. If you refuse to handle the material, you might set up in intense psychological conflict, which could even trigger a psychotic break. We are dealing with very powerful techniques to activate very powerful energies. They must be handled with great respect.” ~Sunyata Saraswati

Because of the intensity of the practice it’s important to find the right teachers and often one must get initiated.


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