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Shiva Nataraja

Creation and destruction exist in a cosmic dance. Primordial energy is indestructible and when matter decays the pure and impure separate and stoke a new materialization.

The Lord Shiva as portrayed in his Nataraja depiction represents this self propagation.

His right side is male and left female. In one of his right hands is the ḍamarū, the hourglass shaped double drum.

He creates time and it’s periods with this drum. In one of his left hands he holds fire which animated and destroys creation in order for new creation to follow. In another right hand he blesses creation with a protective Mudra. In another left hand he points to his raised foot symbolizing salvation.

His right foot stands on a dwarf (apasmara) which symbolizes ignorance and evil dominated and controlled by the divine dancer. His hair contains the moon and the river Ganges symbolizing water.

The stage of the dance is cosmic space (ākāśa) represented by the fire crown. The circular frame represents the cyclical nature of existence.

His dance releases the soul of all people from illusion. The location of the dance in Chidambaram is portrayed as the center of the universe but is actually within one’s heart.

I find this image to be particularly useful for the current paradigm as these fires of ignorance have manifested materially.

Shiva dances fearlessly in joy while being surrounded by fire untouched by forces of ignorance and evil, signifying a spirituality that transcends all duality.

Now is the best time to dance. Dance for rain. Dance for joy. Dance because duality can’t affect the spirit.

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