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Spider’s Web

Recently I have been seeing a lot of #spiders and spider webs. Spiders 🕷 are so fascinating. They weave thousands of variations of webs varying in silk distance, direction and stickiness ratio in order to capture their prey. Each web is a carefully calculated work of #art and #architecture that humans can be inspired to observe and learn from.

Spiders are #hunters. They are #patient and observant. They build the structure and bring their desires into their world. When the prey is entangled, the spider feels its vibration through the silk web system before it proceeds towards it.

This is a different kind of hunting than lions or hawks who observe their prey and attack directly. It’s a hunting through the environment. It’s building a system of roads to lead your prey into walking straight towards you. It’s a form of magnetism.

I have always been a hunter and I embrace this part of our human nature. The spider is inviting me to explore a different style of hunting. There is excitement in the pursuit of a desire and it’s eventual attainment but that doesn’t mean it has to be a direct and aggressive pursuit. Sometimes we must incorporate patience, structure and magnetism in order to capture our desires. Planning and weaving in steps can lead to an easier hunt.

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