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Stoic Tantric

I absolutely love Stoicism, because even though it is a philosophical doctrine and mind & reason oriented, it embodies the Tantric elements of non duality and neutrality.

When it comes to the mind, so many people are caught up in believing they are their thoughts and emotions, when in reality they are just autopilot functions programmed by previous experiences and impressions.

Just like nightmares, bad thoughts are not actually real or permanent but a play of our dream world (maya) in which you can choose to believe or disidentify.

You always have a choice to control whether you allow your imagination to run with negative, nightmarish thoughts, or whether like a dream master who learns to lucid dream, you learn to will and direct your thoughts and therefore your experiences.

Tantric meditation and yoga 🧘🏽‍♀️ have helped me to become the master of my mind, body, emotions and reality.

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