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“Tantra says ‘start where you are at‘ and in the modern world, we are generally absorbed in the lower centres and the trappings thereof, so this is where we begin and this is why the path of tantra seems more fitting and practical to the western aspirant. In tantra we use the level at which we are already living without denying or suppressing anything and start our spiritual path from there.” - Devamurti

Unlike other yogic paths, Tantra generally does not involve renouncements and asceticism. Because we are weaving and integrating our energies we are not running away or condemning anything. We are absorbing everything and transforming it. It’s important therefore to be able to take an impartial assessment of ourselves and others.

Embodying a stoic attitude in observing darker shadow aspects creates an attitude of self control and trust within self that you can see the darker aspects of reality and not be seduced by them.

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