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Sun and Moon

“In the region of the navel there is a burning sun, while at the base of the palate there is an effulgent moon, full of nectar. The downward-looking inner moon showers nectar, and the sun, with his upturned mouth, swallows it. In this connection those secret practices by which the nectar can be obtained and preserved should be known. If a person can retain the nectar of the moon, avoiding the open mouths of the inner sun, then the body ceases to be affected by physical decay and is outside the reaches of death.” - Goraksashatakam

Many hear of the word ‘Amrita,’ the sacred nectar, yet few have come across the true meaning of this sacred substance.

Following the principle ‘as within, so without’ each individual possesses an inner sun and inner moon which mirror the outer sun and moon of the cosmos.

In Tantra, drops of wisdom are attained on a biological and spiritual plane through the interaction of the inner sun and moon. Just as the moon creates drops of tide and flow on the Earth, so does the inner moon create the tides of the body that are absorbed and activated by our inner sun (navel).

Biologically, our saliva drips from our moon center and assists the gastric fire of digestion at the navel. The pituitary moon center above the palate regulates the flow of hormones and biochemical functions as the pineal gland opens and receives subtle communication, shining a light on ethereal information.

By using sacred fire meditation and breathing, pressure rises and Tantrics are able to melt the moon drops in the head. This enables access to the body, the glandular system and the psyche.

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