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  • Scarlett Demy

Surrender vs Settling

If we act in harmony with nature then the right amount of effort will always be taken.

You can strain away for hours at an instrument to hear its music or you can hang a wind chime and allow its music to relax you without effort.

When we live in an imbalanced way, we throw off the equilibrium of what nature already does perfectly. We go to saunas to detox what would naturally have come from sweat if we let ourselves bear the summer heat. We go to tanning beds to get color from defending ourselves unnecessarily from the sun. We go to gyms to exercise muscles to complement a sedentary unmoving lifestyle etc, etc, etc.

A wise mind can discriminate between effortless surrender and passive settling. If there are a group of mosquitoes wanting to devour your skin, nature doesn’t require you to let them. Sometimes the cues in accordance with surrender are cues to movement and action. Surrender does not mean idleness.

Nature doesn’t make mistakes. If we have hands we are meant to use them. If a situation presents itself then there is an opportunity hiding within it. If you want to grow plants you have to water them. Playing an instrument still brings one joy. Usefulness gives one purpose so that nature doesn’t observe a vacuum of space that needs to be filled.

Nature is dually kind yet savage.

The key is to allow the impetus for action to come from a relaxed mind and a strong intuitive awareness. Allow your movements to come from inspiration and positive mind rather than fear and worry. Move slowly, with intention and you will be on a quick path to attainment and self cultivation.


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