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The Blink of an Eye

Have you ever wondered why spiritual teachers seem to rarely blink? Each time you blink is said to be connected to 1000 thoughts. Like the camera modeled after it, each blink captures and replays mentally all of the visions, impressions and various emotional sights one has seen. The blinks accumulate all of the thoughts and send them up to the brain where they cycle through and remain in perpetual cycle when not thoroughly processed and released. This is why advanced teachers and practitioners of spirituality and Tantra blink much less, their minds as clear as the reflection of their glossy eyes that stare peacefully.

Trataka, or yogic gazing, uses conscious gazing techniques to imprint a focused object of meditation into one’s mind. To see this in action, stare at the eye in the photo above for a while and then close your eyes. Your mind will begin to replay the image for some time until it slowly fades away. Often times one’s karma is a replay of these visual imprints from previous lifetimes. Taking care to relax your eyes on things of beauty and consciously averting your gaze from that which you do not which to imprint upon yourself is the mark of an advanced Tantrika.

Mastering the visual faculty comes more easily when one masters the breath.

Check out my daily Tantric Breathwork practice course to give it a try :).

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