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The Duality of Emotion

Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?

What about crying so hard that you start laughing?

They are both possible yet more people experience the former vs the latter.

Because to experience the duality of emotion, you have to go into it fully, deeply and completely and then you come out of it on the other side.

This is what we mean in Tantra by non duality. Everything has its complement. All opposites are reconciled when you release your attachment.

All emotions are dual in nature.

If you go fully into fear, you experience excitement, like when a person actively pursues fear by watching a movie to purposely invoke it.

If you go fully into anger, you experience power like when you cross the precipice or halfway anger and doubt and then become decisive on a plan of action.

If you go fully into grief, you experience joy. This is the hardest one...most people don’t let themselves so fully in. But if you can do it, and push so deep into your pain that you cut all the resistance, you may actually experience yourself laughing.

If you pay attention, crying and laughter actually have the same bodily mechanism.

You may laugh because you may see beyond the most challenging aspect of attachment to see that in fact all of existence is just a play of the mind.

An advanced level of acceptance will bring you to this point.

Remember you can always transmute an emotion to it’s complement if you go all the way, don’t stop and resist, but be bold and committed in your nonresistance.

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