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The Elements of Making Love

“He should not make love when over intoxicated, neither when over-elated or angry, when feeling depressed or when in great fear. These are the taboos of man.”

“He should not make love near places sacred to the spirits or such special sanctuaries of Heaven and Earth, nor near a well or close to the kitchen fire. These are the taboos of earth.”

Heaven. Man. Earth.

The act of making love is in fact the most spiritual Sadhana for man, as that is how he unites Heaven and Earth.

Through making love one is transformed from the material world into the ethereal.

The two bodies are the instruments used to unite the masculine and feminine forces. When opposites are reconciled, unity is achieved, the ego is suspended, and the truth bliss consciousness is present.

Just as one is uniting the complementary forces of existence in harmony, so must the atmosphere and environment of love making be harmonious.

All elements fall into masculine and feminine polarities. Earth and water are feminine, air and fire - masculine. Yin and Yang. (Even within same sex relationships there is an energetic polarity).

Emotional imbalances are Yin Yang imbalances, just as elemental imbalances (I.e. overintoxication) are material Yin Yang imbalances (I.e. an imbalance of fire and water).

The alchemy of love is best honored when in harmony with the natural forces of the Earth.

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