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The Fear of Losing Control

Even within spirituality there will be forms of ego attempting to masquerade as spiritual concepts. Perhaps the most pervasive is the belief in celibacy so as not to “mix” energy with other people and take on 7-10 years of karma. You can exchange just as much energy from walking past someone as from being intimate with them. You don’t even have to be in the same country as someone and you can still have a powerful energy exchange because energy is not only in physical form. While it is certainly possible to receive another person’s energy impressions from, especially, long term sexual relations, many methods exist to transmute and clear one’s energy not only from sexual relations but all emotional and energetic attachments.

Brahmacharya, which is often misinterpreted to mean celibacy is actually loosely translated as the path to Brahman or consciousness. Brahma = truth; essential
charya = vehicle or means to. What it is really referring to is the right use of energy.

In reality, each person is a fractal of this whole we call the universe. When we feel attraction or magnetism towards someone and connect with them, whether through conversation, hugging, kissing, or sex we exchange information that acts as a complement to your own energetic information and helps in your evolution.

The important factor is in being able to discern what the right use of energy would be. Engaging in an energy exchange out of insecurity will not yield the same benefits as engaging in an energy exchange out of two people’s desire to learn from each other.

By having the belief that you can’t control your energy and so must refrain from intimacy, you give away your power. It is the same as how you see in certain countries the suppression of the female body and attempts to cover it only create more perversion and fascination with the female form. The more you embrace your natural energies the less power they have over you.


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