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The Light in Your Eyes

When Vincent van Gogh was asked, “Your trees always go beyond the stars?”

He said, “Yes, because I understand trees. I have felt always that trees are the ambition of the earth to reach the stars. Otherwise why? To touch the stars, to feel the stars, to go beyond the stars — this is the desire of the earth. The earth tries hard, but cannot fulfill the desire. I can do it. The earth will understand my paintings, and I don’t care about you, whether you understand or not.”

The pupils in your eyes are similar to black holes in the cosmos. Your iris increases and decreases the size of the pupil in response to light just as black holes 🕳 expand and shrink

according to their consumption.

Your eyes consume light and transmute that primal form of information into nerve impulses.

Nerves receive this light like just like trees receive sunshine. The transmission of energy becomes an entire unfoldment of synapses and micro-movements in divine creation.

It’s the light from cell phone screens that cause addictions. Glittery objects draw us in.

Colors stimulate the nerves by providing a wide spectrum of sensations/information.

If you turn your phone to grayscale you will not have the same interest in using it.

Eyes observe light and collect information that is passed on to the brain, leading us to the process of creating matter, just as photosynthesis begins the chain of life on the planet.

The Greek roots of photosynthesis combine to produce the basic meaning "to put together with the help of light.”

Energy is light. Energy becomes matter. Light becomes matter. Our energetic visualizations manifest.

Light transmits information, frequencies and emotions, moods. Dim light is soothing.

Light transmits spatial and temporal information - the basis of fibre optic telecommunications systems.

Light refracts into many colors just as the universe is perceived in octaves and multiples.

In The Secret Doctrine of Theosophy the seven rays refer to seven Primordial beings that appear on the highest plane of manifestation, in whom are the seeds for everything in the universe.

The chakras of the body are light/color wheels that correspond to the nerve ganglia.

In Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, tangible matter is considered to be made up of five elements: space, air, fire, water, and earth. The elemental energies that make up the cosmos are innerstood to be undifferentiated from those that make up the human body. Therefore, the body is simultaneously an individual person and the cosmic whole.

Tantric meditation practices are meant to alter the gravitational field of these five elements that constitute the body, transforming them into the five radiant lights of the color spectrum. The Tibetan name given to this physical fluorescence is jalu, literally meaning, “rainbow body.” A rainbow 🌈 body is a manifest symbol of the energies of clear white light which the meditator has successfully dissolved their physical elements back into.

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