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The Lunar Nature of the Feminine

The divine feminine embodies the qualities of the Moon. The feminine Moon effortlessly reflects what is already available through the Sun to create her own light. The masculine Sun is solar and bright through the action of PRESSURE and FORCE creating nuclear fusion that emanates light and energy.

The Sun is active, steady and consistent. Reliable. Predictable. It shows up every day fully. The Moon is fluctuating and polarizing; she waxes and wanes…waxes and wanes. She cycles through phases of exerting energy and then absorbing her energy back. The feminine, like the moon has a gravitational pull on the waters (emotions) of everyone around her. What you feel are the tides she creates.

She balances what is already an ample abundance of energy. She receives and releases. She is magnetic to the electrical pulses of masculine energy. They symbiotically produce each other like an alternating current.

Women are mostly misunderstood because they are judged from a solar/masculine mind frame. To innerstand a woman is to realize that she is the embodiment of the moon. Her emotions are meant to be different everyday because she is always transforming and refining the different energies she receives from around her. She is inherently unpredictable and mysterious.

She is not meant to exhaust herself in the matrix of an overly masculine society but rather to teach society the magic of combining masculine action with feminine receptivity to create more by doing less.

She is not meant to shave down her complexities into something steady and defined but rather to illuminate and reflect the multifaceted nature of the world.

She is not meant to deny the emotional reception of information but to balance it with rational direction.

She is best appreciated in the true context of her nature.

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