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The Mystery of the Black Mother - Black Madonna

The Knights Templar are not only instrumental in the origin of our banking and monetary system, but in the secretive flourishing of the Black Madonna in Europe. Throughout 1170-1270 nearly 80 cathedrals were dedicated to the Black Virgin and about 500 churches were built in her honor. All temples are carefully selected to adhere to specific geometric proportions as the Templars were masters of sacred geometry, said to have been discovered in the Ark of the Covenant.

The sites of these Madonnas in Europe, particularly in France, are highly revered and attract thousands of Pilgrims who acknowledge their healing properties.

The color black represents the feminine, the Earth and the black soil, as well as our connection to nature.

Just as many secret societies acknowledge the Goddess religions, the Cult of Isis, Ishtar and many other female dieties, the Templars seemed to have acknowledged the power of the Goddess, as Tantra does today.

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