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The Peacock

In Tantric Buddhism, the peacock symbolizes the transmutation of mental impurities because of its unique ability to eat poisonous plants for nourishment. It symbolizes the transmutation of poison (unhealthy thoughts) into Amrita or nectar. The peacock adorns the throne of Amitabha, the red Buddha of the West whose qualities are love, passion summer and fire. Many tantric rituals use peacock feathers as fans, in mirrors, or as parasol adornments representing the goddess Palden Lhamo.

Just like a peacock can take something ugly and turn it into beauty so can you take the projections of unhealthy thoughts from others and wear it instead as your badge.

It is no secret that our society frowns upon the unique, the beautiful and the intimidating. So many spiritual beings have fallen silent under this mute criticism rather than rising up and flaunting their feathers.

When you learn to consume all energy, good and bad, as personal fuel then you will no longer have fear of the attention or attacks you might invite and will even learn to anticipate them joyously, as you, like the peacock 🦚 are immune and it’s just your food.

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