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The Safe Bet vs The Adventure

An embodied masculine chooses to be with the woman he knows will create the most growth in him. She may not feel safe or predictable, because her energy may be strong or very yin (absorbing, fluctuating). This yin energy creates more masculinity and strength in him, forcing him to resist and evolve in order to maintain and evolve his yang (leading, penetrating) energy. He is wise enough to discern whether any fear he feels towards her is from his ego fearing loss/wanting to cling to a safe familiar feeling or whether it’s his intuition guiding him away for a good reason.

The wounded masculine often desires and chooses a safe feeling, more domestic type of partner, yet he often feels trapped and unchallenged. He often later finds himself unfulfilled and distracted in other habits or in avoiding his emotions through work or distracting behaviors of self-avoidance. He may eventually become unfaithful or engage in adrenaline seeking behavior to fill the void of challenge he unconsciously seeks.

The disempowered feminine will shrink herself, censor herself and blend into the shadows to try and fit the image that a wounded masculine exclaims he prefers.

A powerful feminine allows herself to be an inconceivable mystery. She doesn’t cave into convention and censorship but inspires by radiating her true authenticity. She knows what is meant for her will come to her, and she doesn’t have to sacrifice her real self to barter into the comfort in a relationship.

A powerful masculine lets go and trusts that his strength comes from within himself and is willing to go after what he INTUITIVELY truly wants, instead of settling for the safety of what he THINKS he wants. His strong spirit is his foundation for all risks in life. He trusts because he knows he alone is the source of all his own chosen pleasure or pain.

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