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The Three Types of Men

There are three classes of man in Tantra, also known as three temperaments (bhāva)

1. Pashu

The beast. This man has the least awareness. Delusion, enervation and indolence tend to typify this character. He worships and only knows of the existence of the material world. He is of a weak intellect ruled by lust. He is bound by contempt, doubt, fear, self-consciousness. As an adept, this temperament is advised to purify himself through service before being able to partake in Tantric rituals.

2. Vira

The hero. He worships an underlying reality but not with experience, rather with blind belief. This temperament is suitable for the practice of Tantra. He has a willingness to learn and transcend but is not completely free of his passions. It is stated that most men in this current Kali Yuga fall under this category.

3. Divya

The divine man. He lives in higher awareness and has a God-like character. He is free of passion, affliction, anger, envy and delusion. He has gone beyond duality and the play of opposites within the mind. He only speaks truth and regards the universe as the supreme Devi. He is pure.


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