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Translating Energy into Form

All things are born of the astral and then become physical.

The astral refers to the multiple dimensions of reality with all of its quantum possibilities and timelines - the expanded dream of options. The physical refers to the seemingly permanent time space coordinates we perceive through our senses.

In order to translate into form there needs to be a focus, one pointedness, decision. All infinite possibilities are simultaneously existing but your point of perception provides the matrix by which you perceive the energy moving into form.

Focus and repetition help solidify the energy into the matrix of form. Cycles, patterns and consistency move something from an idea into a solid form.

As spiritual beings having a human experience we can choose to experience the astral world through meditation and the dream realm and then return to the physical human matrix.

The more focused and defined your point of perception the more it coalesces into physical form.

Variety and infinite possibilities exist in the astral realm, solids and dense energies are perceived in our material world.

In communication, we must also define energy in the material world of language, yet in the astral world communication is more expanded and less limited in focus, I.e. telepathy, clairvoyance.

Spiritual beings must meet the physical at the nexus point of their astral and material perception. They must also meet people they are communicating with at the nexus of their innerstanding and the person they are addressing. The same can be said for the society and culture.

It may seem like extreme drudgery and limitation to have to contract, condense and shrink into so much less than is really “out there.” Yet you don’t want to fully be “out there” either.

I will be focusing more of my content on the vibrations of love, intimacy, attraction and magnetism, deep connection and sacred sexuality within the scope of Tantra.

If you would like more variety of gnosis and esoterism, please check out my patreon thru where I post Tantric rituals, magick spells, channeled gnosis and a wide range of divination guidance. 🦋

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