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True Vision

Of the many distortions taught in society, the fixated idea of one perfect person made for you is one of the most prevalent.

Accepting this distortion is particularly harmful to those not yet in a relationship who fixate on one person, believing wholeheartedly that they cannot move on unless this person returns their affections. Time is wasted, opportunities are missed, and obsessions brew as to how and why to control this uncontrollable external force with a free will of its own. If only she could see that I’m the one.

Music, movies, and books seem to confirm these distortions with stories of how through persistence, seducing and cajoling the love object finally gave in, and the couple ended up happily ever after.

In reality, the idea of attaining one perfect person is a fixation of the ego, leading a person to disown their own power and seek something externally. Nearly 10/10 this fixation is repulsive and will not lead you to the thing you chase.

There is a reason people notice that once a person stops liking a person, that person they let go of starts chasing them. Neediness creates resistance, and lack puts you in quantum situations where you are forced to build within what you seek without. The universe always puts you on the path to Self-Realization; you are complete within yourself.

People often learn that there are infinite opportunities for love by letting go. Have you not noticed people who date several people that fit a sort of archetype, one after the other? The partner will even look or talk the same way, have similar quantum qualities. The universe works in patterns and there are in fact several versions of the person you like or are attracted to available to you.

The movie Bedazzled illustrates this message perfectly. No matter what he does, the main character cannot seem to win the object of his affection. When he finally learns the lesson and lets go, the universe rewards him for doing so.

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