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Truth in Relationships

Consciousness cannot be fooled. Many people believe that there are ways of bypassing karma or that small acts of injustice such as white lies, subtle cheating, or using another sexually and then discarding them can occur without consequences.

On the receiving end, someone who has been betrayed might feel anger and resentment at what seems to be someone who got away with hurting them and can go on living happily ever after.

The truth is that TRUTH is the only constant. Aside from morality and the social constructs that tell one to be honest, the universe itself is based on the singularity of truth. Where there are lies and untruths there is fragmentation. This is why when a person lies, they often have to keep lying to keep on fragmenting the truth into more and more versions of the story of the actual truth.

Truth is universal. It is one and it absorbs all pieces of a story into a whole.

When a person fragments from truth, say by cheating on someone, and does not allow themselves to see the deception and untruth, the universe automatically begins to force them into consequences and situations where they must again align with truth.

This is why cheaters get caught, lies are inevitably brought to light, and the guilt that is pushed down and disowned in the person refusing to acknowledge their fragmentation from truth will lead one to a state of self destruction unconsciously.

A person may believe that they have no conscience or refuse to act consciously and then indirectly punish themselves for their transgressions, not seeing the behavior as directly connected to their subconscious guilt or shame.

Karma is one of the most subtle truths of reality, which is simply the law of action of Self towards Self.

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