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Unconscious to Conscious

Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.

Carl Gustav Jung

In this waking dream, you are the conductor and the symphony.

All of the people you meet and experiences you have are fragments of yourself. In spirituality, Self Realization is the moment you see yourSelf in complete form. The holographic mirror principle collapses and you perceive as one complete whole, the entire cosmos and also the void from which it came, nothing.

All events are serving this journey of Self recognizing Self. When there is attachment, meaning you cling to the idea that you are separate from the object (form of encapsulated energy) you are clinging to, you feel suffering because you are refusing to see the fullness of Self.

Painful events are reminders of disowned traumas and repressed feelings that are calling you to reintegrate into wholeness. The more fully actualized you are in your being, the less contrast and events you need to experience, the less duality. Until you reintegrate aspects of yourself internally you will face a string of karmic repeating patterns (I.e. failed relationships, attracting the same kind of character (avatar of energy), feeling lonely and misunderstood).

Separation feels like pain, connection feels like joy. Whether this applies to our inner world, our friendships, communities, romances or societies, we are seeking the fullness of Self. The only way to heal these separations is through AWARENESS. This is why meditation is indispensable. Only through complete and full perception of Self can you collapse the dualistic occurrences in your life.

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