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Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Tantra does not condemn the body but uses it as a vehicle. It honors the body. The body is the subconscious mind. Your appearance is a summation of your thoughts, emotions and energy from all of your incarnations materialized.

So many religions abhor the body and suggest punishments of starvation, austerity and suppression, yet Tantra sees the body as a gift - a celebration.

It’s natural to be attracted to beauty and a beautiful body. Asking for people to force themselves to become attracted to what they are not naturally attracted to is unrealistic. Rather than ask people to change their natural tastes, cultivate a state of beauty and inner radiance that indicates self acceptance and makes you naturally magnetic and attractive. Your energy can shift your physical appearance.

There is a reason we love squirrels and hate rats. The physical appearance of something is meant to incite fear as a warning or to invite you forward. Beauty indicates health and youth in order to expand and spread conscious energy.

Your physical form communicates your health in every sense.

Large hips show fertility. Large breasts trigger the idea of a well fed baby.

When a person is triggered into discomfort at the display of the body it’s usually a mirror towards the suppression or lack of one’s own self expression, whether the body or voice or spirit.

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