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  • Scarlett Demy

Viewing the Female Form as Art

Rather than vilifying the female form and blaming it for your relapse, why not reframe the way you view a woman’s body?

You wouldn’t stop in the middle of a museum and start masturbating to a naked woman’s painting (and there are tonnes of them in a museum), so why would you feel the need to for a photograph or a video?

The highly cultivated man is able to appreciate the sexual and sensual nature of a woman’s beauty while still remaining in control of his animal impulses.

Much of the learned association of the body with highly charged sexual arousal comes from neural programming that presupposes an inherent weakness or powerlessness. It’s simply not true.

The human body itself is not what causes the state of arousal, the learned association of nudity with sexual activity is what causes it.

Humans evolved naked skin around a million and a half years ago, as they mostly lost their coat of fur. Today we have a few places where hair still remains on various parts of our bodies. To make up for this loss of protection from the sun our skin cells produced melanin, creating a dark skin tone for protection. Clothing use began as we migrated to colder climates, and was imposed varyingly according to cultural, religious, and dogmatic doctrines.

For most of human history, nudity was the norm, existing in a desexualized context. Often times social nudity in European civilizations would be commonly accepted, waxing and waning according to class, hierarchy and social taboos. Athletic events and bath houses would usually be fair grounds for nudity.

The Greek word gymnasium means "a place to train naked."

By remembering that sexual arousal is a stigmatized emotion and that nudity is contextual, it’s much easier to differentiate when and how it is appropriate -to be sovereign and master of this dynamic and powerful force.

Learn to associate nudity and the female body with that of appreciation of a painting or a sculpture, and much of this falsely learned tension will ease.


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