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  • Scarlett Demy

Weapons of Mass Distraction

The number one coping mechanism for trauma is distraction of oneself from the pain of unpleasant feelings. On a quantum level trauma reattracts unpleasant situations continually until the energy is processed and not avoided in resistance. Resistance creates magnetism.

Once you face and process energy you are no longer a vibrational match to re-occurring traumatic situations.

Many victims of sexual trauma attract re-occurring scenarios of sexual trauma, not because life is cruel, but because the energy and your evolution is calling for your attention to release your magnetism to this energy.

Rather than distracting oneself through substances, technology, workaholism, food, people and other tools of avoidance one must find the courage to go within.

In the Healing From Sexual Trauma course I provide powerful tools to gently and effectively center and focus as you heal from within.


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