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When a Man Finds a Woman Attractive

When a Man Finds a Woman Attractive

It is because he senses the divine principle within her. He doesn’t know he is doing this. He believes that when he is undressing her with his eyes, he is simply lusting after her physical body, her hair, her breasts. If he remains unaware of the deeper significance behind his lust, then he will stay trapped a cycle of his lower nature, never penetrating to the higher realms within him.

In truth, his lust may remain primal, but his higher self is seeking to understand and drink in the feminine divine principle. The Kundalini Mata Shakti.

Truth is represented in the body.

All body parts correspond to different parts of the cosmos. A woman’s left breast corresponds to the moon and her right breast corresponds to the Milky Way.

The zodiac corresponds to the various parts of the body. Scorpio is related to the genitals, the sensual nature of man. It is housed in the 8th house of death, representing that when love is primitive, death is present. Aries is related to the head, courage and individuality, reason and wisdom. Aries represents love through discernment and the light that comes in from the crown.

There are many secrets revealed in the contemplation of the body.

When we gaze upon physical beauty in meditation, we are reminded of the beauty of the world.

So why is there so much stigma and resentment around the naked female form?

The answer is in how a woman uses her body. Women naturally feel modest and pure in nudity, but because of the various reactions from men, nudity is very subjective. When a woman uses her beauty as power to uplift and inspire men she receives a much different reaction than a woman who uses her bodily magic and charm to seduce and control a man. A lot of the animosity towards the feminine today is because most women have fallen into the latter category as an attempt to reconcile the power imbalance in patriarchal society.

The more a woman embraces her body for her own self and her own expression, with the higher principles of reflecting the divine feminine, the more cultural and social acceptance we will begin to see.

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