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When to Resist Resistance

Sometimes what you might think is an intuitive nudge to avoid a situation or person could be the ego trying to keep you in fear and attachment.

The intuition is a powerful and reliable compass with which to navigate life, but not everyone has cleared the obstructions that come in the form of beliefs, thoughts and emotions to be able to use it clearly.

Emotions are not your intuition. A person can feel emotional states that are based in past programs or faulty perceptions.

To determine whether you are acting from the mind (thoughts and emotions), which often misleads with its duality, or the intuition, it is best to first become very still through meditative awareness.

You can see more clearly through water after commotion has settled rather than when it’s muddy.

The best actions come from inspiration (intuition) rather than obligation (mind).

Inspiration naturally arises when your energy is in alignment.

The more you have cleared your inner traumas and faulty subconscious beliefs, the more your intuitive compass becomes an easy,

reliable guide through life.

If you would like to dive deeper into clearing the subconscious and getting into greater spiritual alignment and clarity, contact me :)

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