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  • Scarlett Demy

White Tigress

Much like Tantra, many people have discovered the fascinating secrets hidden within the esoteric Eastern wisdom of the Tao. Taoism is the Eastern doctrine of simplicity and selfless existence that is the root of the Tao Te Ching, the I-Ching, and Chi Gung, practices many spiritual seekers engage in today.

Both Taoism and Tantra contain the parallels of the cultivation of kundalini energy for the attainment of a higher spiritual aim. Both have been subject to the unfortunate patriarchal influence and male dominant perspective, however, ignoring these aspects, there are many jewels of wisdom to be found in the actual practices and texts. The teachings of the White Tigress are one of these treasures.

White Tigresses were women who undertook sexual and spiritual practices to enhance their beauty and youthfulness while realizing their full feminine potential and immortality (immortality meaning the spirit and consciousness remaining intact and lucid during death so that one could direct it to heavenly realms of existence). It is a small unique elite society of female Taoist teachers that share highly secret practices from ancient Chinese texts.

Most White Tigresses barely know of each other save those within immediate reach of their lineage due to the secrecy and suppression in playing out roles as concubines and consorts.

Much like many Tantric schools, the physical practice is mastered before the spiritual. There are also many parallels in learning to master visualization and breath to circulate energy and attain mastery over the body, however this is not as simplified as often appears in the West and can take years to truly cultivate correctly.

A White Tigress learns through absorbing male energy (Dragon’s Breath) to achieve illumination of the mind, where numerous small lantern like lights sway gently inside her head. Achieving this nine times within a three year period is required to create a Virgin Imortaless Spiritual Fetus, which is the birthing point into Immortality.


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