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  • Scarlett Demy

Windows of the Soul

Tantric teachings list 4 different types of gazes. In the Overthrowing gaze, eyes are directed upward toward the forehead while the breath is exhaled. In the Subduing gaze, the eyes look to the left while the breath is inhaled. For Conjuring Forth the eyes turn to the right, slightly upward while retaining the breath. And the Petrifying gaze is central, looking at the tip of the nose, with relaxed motionless breath.

Emotions are shown in the eyes due to a subtle nerve connecting them with the navel chakra. The eyes have nerve structures very similar to those in the brain. They work as a computer and can predict movements before they happen. Eyes are never still as we are constantly blinking and even in dreams they are moving.

Tantric adepts are skilled in the various secret possibilities when combining eye movements with breath retention.


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