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  • Scarlett Demy

“Yoga is Demonic”

A lot of people who begin to do spiritual work get tested time and again with whether they are doing the right thing. As many of us were brought up in orthodox and abrahamic religions, we might begin to feel guilty or that we are doing the wrong thing by believing in something radically different than that of our upbringing.

Enter the New Age to Jesus movement and you might be left even more confused. Why are all these people saying spirituality is evil?

Truth: yoga doesn’t create demons, it reveals the ones that were already there. Some people are ready to take responsibility for their life and be accountable for all their thoughts and actions, and some are more comfortable delegating that role to an omnipotent god outside of themselves. It can be (seemingly) a lot easier to blame dark forces and evil for when something goes wrong rather than to see the interconnection of how YOU are only receiving the energy you put out.

It isn’t wrong to meditate because meditation is breathing in silence and sitting with yourself. Yoga is movement synchronized with meditation and breath.

What ACTUALLY happens is that when you are no longer distracted by the mindless programs in society, television, news, alcohol etc, all of the inner energy and inner self becomes clear. The mud settles to the bottom and you are left with the clear water reflecting your true self like a bright shiny mirror. You cannot escape this reflection.

Spiritual work is a light that reveals. It doesn’t create the problems; it shows you what was there the whole time.

Once a person realizes the expansion of power and the existence of abilities to work with good or evil, it becomes a further test of character to stay in the light and not be seduced by the layers of consciousness that seek to pull one into misconduct or sin (causing harm to others).

Your will and steadfast commitment to what is right and pure will align you with a life that is in your highest and best good.


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