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You Are Not Your Emotions

Just as you are not your thoughts but the awareness beyond your thoughts, so are you not your emotions but the awareness beyond your emotions.

Emotions feel very easy to identify with because we usually use them as a form of sensory perception to tune into our intuition. They can be useful for your intuitive guidance but only when you are feeling from a neutral and clear space rather than a reactive and conditioned one.

There is no reason to attach to an experience of sadness because you want to feel empathy for others or the world (something I often hear in the spiritual community); the world prefers you to lift it to a higher vibration by refusing to drown in those heavy waters.

Emotions are linked to the water element, which is why tears and blood and the sacred secretions of the body are related to how you feel. A simple act of drinking an entire glass of water can help flush one out of an emotionally attached state.

It’s important to allow emotions and feel totally and fully, but not to attach to the experience of feeling. Usually the thoughts that accompany the emotions are what determine how you process them. If your thoughts are correct then you will experience your emotions from a neutral and compassionate place until they subside or transmute on their own. If your thoughts are out of alignment then they will feed ideas that prolong unhealthy emotional states.

Meditation is a staple practice to keep the self aware and resilient to the tides of emotion.

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