White Tantra Yoga Retreat

March 3rd-10th,2020

White Tantra yoga is a spiritual based yoga (as opposed to Red Tantra or Black Tantra, sensual and magical Tantra) that works with activating your dormant Kundalini energy. This retreat will be a synthesis of various introductory Tantric Hindu and Tibetan practices to give the beginner Tantra student an idea of the various paths, (Left Hand, Right Hand, Shakta, Kaula, Shaivism, etc) in order for them to innerstand if Tantra is the correct yogic path for them. Please be advised that this is based on the Traditional Tantric yoga as opposed to Neo Tantric yoga. We will be engaging in twice daily, morning and evening yoga and workshop sessions which include 1.5 hours of yoga practice as well as discourse workshops on various Tantric texts and topics as applied to today. The retreat is designed to be an energetic incubator for mental and spiritual shifts as well as a conscious mastermind, bringing together like minded souls who are motivated to liberate themselves as well as others. We will be balancing the deep inner work with fun exploring and activities in the beautiful landscape of Ubud, Bali. Pricing is $1500 per person for private room and $900 for shared room. Please email scarlettdemy@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to see the schedule of activities. 


Room Options

Deluxe Room with Pool and Rice Field Views


Deluxe Room with Complimentary Afternoon Tea


Free 1-hour Balinese Massage at Deluxe Double Room

(For a minimum stay of 2 nights, guests enjoy a complimentary 1-hour Balinese massage for 2 people per stay).


Deluxe Room with Garden View


Sat Nam!

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