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Aura Protection Arsenal

A Course for Cleansing and Empowering the Protective Electromagnetic Field Around Your Body

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Your body is made up of energy. The main energy centers, known as chakras, along your spine correspond to the nerve ganglia and run each part of your body. Aside from this your body has energy meridians and centers all over, and the sum of all this energy radiates up and down the spine, in and out of your head and feet, creating an electromagnetic field around your body known as an Aura. By cleansing and protecting your Aura you allow yourself to function in a physically healthy way and to ensure that you are protected from any external energy (from people or the environment) that would otherwise affect your optimum emotional and mental states. 

What's included in the course?

Daily Morning and Evening Practices

Before you start your day and as you prepare for sleep are the two most important times to create an intention for clearing and empowering your Aura. As your energy body goes out into the physical world of the day and the Astral world of the night it is essential to clear your field and establish potent boundaries around you. This course provides you with several intentional energetic practices to ensure you are shielded and radiant within your own being. 

The Right Ingredients

Taking care of your energetic body is easily achievable when you have the right recipe for how to do so. This course shares with you esoteric and gnostic practices not commonly known that can effectively cleanse you of any unwanted vibrations. 

Cultivating a Healthy Balance of Giving and Self Care

Many people who awaken their spiritual abilities realize they are empaths and that sometimes though caring too deeply or too much, they take on and absorb more energy than they can handle. These practices will reinforce a sense of healthy boundaries within you so that you know how to share from a full cup and in ways that arise out of inspiration rather than obligation. 

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A Yoga and Meditation Practice

The yoga and meditation practices shared in this course give you the tools to cultivate ritual within your life. These techniques become a grounding source of energy and mental and emotional clearing. 

Establish Strong Boundaries that Honor Your Being

By practicing daily cleansing and strengthening techniques for your Aura, you will notice yourself become energetically immune to draining or vampiric forces that seek to feed off of your vitality. You will no longer have the leaks and access points that serve as an open invitation to parasitic energies. Your Aura will radiate strong boundaries that reflect an inner state of safety and self-confidence. 

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