POWERFUL Self-Love & Attraction Coaching for Men

This coaching program is for men who are ready to level up in life. A man who wants honest and direct advice about where he is at currently and what he can improve. This is about inner game, not just for the sake of getting a girl, but for being the best man you can be for yourself. You will be building self-esteem & confidence, raising your energy levels, developing authentic charisma and charm, and becoming naturally magnetic.

This works best for a man that is looking for a better understanding of how women really work and how to connect with them more deeply. You may be looking for a soulmate relationship, overcoming intimacy blocks from bad past relationships, wanting to stop getting friend zoned, wanting to attract better women that match you, wanting to get back with someone after a mistake, wanting to regain momentum after a breakup, looking to improve your sense of self or just simply wanting to polish up your dating skills. If any of these resonate with your situation then one on one coaching will be a guaranteed help. 


You will learn to overcome the fear of rejection and advice on all aspects of attraction and dating including: how to flirt and escalate properly, structuring a date, how to use intellect and humor, advanced conversational skills, demonstrating high value, deleting nice guy programming, personal style & fashion consulting, techniques for daytime & nighttime environments, physical and mental transformation & makeover, setting and meeting personal goals, becoming a High Value Alpha Male, destroy fears and limiting beliefs, how to build genuine sexual & emotional connection, establishing positive daily personal habits, and being your BEST possible self. These skills help not only with women but in social skills settings such as in sales and business where you grow more assertive and confident. These are all tried and tested techniques that bring RAPID results. Real, tangible and massive shifts. 


This is a powerful one of a kind program that uses a unique combination of NLP & hypnosis, energy reading, mindset coaching and Tantric meditation and yoga exercises to shift your attitude to one of a high value man, with truly high self-esteem & confidence, true inner self love, and natural charisma and social skills. 

If you’ve tried many tactics and find that they don’t work it’s because the subconscious mind, the storehouse of your past energy experiences is what really runs the show. If you rehearse a few lines but deep down you don’t feel worthy then you will not get the results you want. 


When you do the inner work to shift your energy, you change the projected reality that you experience. 


You are the source of everything you attract and experience so you have to start with yourself. The inner world has to be taken care of to create lasting change in the outer world. 


It's not just about attracting beautiful women, but keeping their attention & interest easily and knowing that you are so solid in yourself that all of it is just extra icing on the cake. 

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