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I have recently completed Scarlett's masculine mastery course. I am 43 years old Recently divorced. This was a life changing experience for me mentally & physically. And being something I can come back to from the start & listen to again & again. I have learned to control my emotions & create a new version of myself. Small changes & creating new habits have given me a self confidence that I have never felt before. I have had some amazing experiences in the last few months in social circles. I have an amazing self control that with time, will only get better. I can't say enough to explain how Scarlett's content has helped me in such a short amount of time!!! 100%, i recommend this course to anyone who is  thinking of how this will help personally... Do it!!!! Follow the steps!!! Take time for yourself to really listen & learn what is there for you. Make the changes... It works!!!!

Colin, Gold Coast Australia


Maxwell, Vermont

Your discipline and the small incremental changes quickly snowballed into quantum leaps. Everything..the synchronicities and life and divine timing has been so on point right now and so many cool things have happened. Diving deeper into these practices has been so monumental. You planted these seeds and I just wanted you to know that it’s really working and paying off in such a beautiful way so thank you! A lot of gratitude there for that.


Will, Arizona

Aaron, California

Scarlett's divination reading was beyond helpful! Her insights and the reading itself empowered me greatly through extinguishing doubt that I had within myself and where I am on my path. I felt that it was personalized to me specifically and spoke clarity into the resistant areas I was going through at the time. It truly was one of the most valuable things I have ever done for myself and even to this day, I rest on her reading and the confidence I gained from it. 

Hayden, Texas

I had Scarlett give me a few tarot readings and a Tantric Numerology reading. Everything that was mentioned during the readings I was very much able to relate to and correlated to events happening in my current life. These readings definitely helped to show me what was going on in my life that I was looking for more information on. I would highly recommend getting a reading or taking one of the classes she offers. Very good knowledge that she has been generously willing to share.  Thank you so much Scarlett for all the help. 

Anthony, Colorado

Scarlett has a direct approach, is always well prepared, but easy going and also funny. She exactly knows how do explain things and what is suitable for you in the particular moment. And if somethings works out for you and you tell her about it, she really is happy for you!

Stephan, Zürich, Switzerland


I love doing Tantra yoga classes with Scarlett. She really is the best. I take classes with her on zoom and every time she revolves the class around what she believes you need and also gives you advice outside of class for your own practice. After each class I feel liberated and all the heavy energy has been lifted off of me. I close out with a smile on my face feeling grounded and that life has been brought back into me.

Chelly, Florida


Robin, Sweden

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