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Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What will I gain from this information?

A: Tantric practices can transform your entire life. Most people are slaves to their habits -thoughts and emotions- with little to no control over their energy impulses. By learning to master and command all of your energy centers, you become a sovereign being open to more joy, bliss and freedom in your life. These practices tear down the walls of all of your hidden shadows and old traumas, and free up space for new energy to come in, gifting you with richer life experiences and deeper more intimate and more gratifying connections to people and to the various aspects of life. 

Q: What are the sessions like?

A: In the coaching as well as the online courses, you will receive yogic instructions and guidance. The coaching is more personalized where we use the blueprint of your astrology and numerology to guide your yogic practices (breathing exercises, meditations, mantras, rituals and dietary to name a few). The courses are comprehensive guidance for the whole process, just without the personalization. I instruct according to the powerful scriptures of Classical Tantra, which teaches you to transmute your lower energies and desires into your personal power. We apply this knowledge to help you in all aspects of your life, especially opening your heart space to greater intimacy and connecting with and attracting the right people into your life from a healthy sense of Self.

Q: I am not sure if I can afford it? 

A: The courses and coaching are priced reasonably enough that most people can afford it, but also high enough that you will be willing to put in the work to make sure you get the worth out of your investment. If improving your life and being more joyful and peaceful is important to you, then you will see that value in the exchange of energy (money). 

Q: Can't I learn this on my own?

A: Most general information is available publicly at no cost. The question is how much time and energy will you expend to find the right information and the less public information, and what process of trial and error will you go through to see what actually works and what doesn't? What you receive in value when you work with the right teacher is an easier path that saves you all the personal research and TIME and ENERGY it takes to find the right sources of information and guidance online or in books. The courses and one on one coaching do for you what would normally take years, in a matter of weeks or months. 

Q: Do you do Tantric massages or other Neo-Tantric practices?

A: All of the teachings I share come from Authentic Classical tantra. Tantra massages and other Neo-tantric practices that involve sexual energy exchanges are a misleading representation of what Tantra is really about. Tantra is well known for sexuality because as an advanced yogic teaching it accepts sexuality as a natural part of the human experience. This doesn't mean that Tantra is in itself a sexual practice. Sexuality is only about 5% of Tantra. The true value of Tantra Yoga is in helping you transmute ALL of your lower energies (lust, greed, anger, pride, attachment) into your mastery. Authentic Tantra teaches you to master your sexuality, not be a slave to it by indulging in momentary pleasurable experiences that are not in the highest of integrity. 

Q: Can you help me to quit watching porn?

A: I have helped clients successfully through coaching and my online courses to quit watching porn for good. By going within yourself and healing the shadow aspects that cause addictions, you have a much easier time than just trying to heal the symptom or impulsive behavior. I am proud to say that my teaching is a holistic and powerful approach that takes you through gentle, gradual steps into your personal healing and self mastery. 

Q: How do I heal from a Sexual Trauma?

A: Sexual abuse and trauma is an unfortunate epidemic in our time. I created my Healing From Sexual Trauma course to provide a safe space for people to heal using Tantric meditations, kriyas (exercises) and breathwork to remove any trapped foreign energies taken on from other people, to heal and release guilt and shame completely, and to remove the traumatic memories and samskaras (visual and mental imprints). By healing from sexual trauma, you help to heal the entire collective trauma many carry and you give yourself a chance to live again fully and completely. Despite what many will tell you, you can FULLY HEAL from these events and you don't have to be defined by it for life. We can also discuss how to heal in my one on one coaching. 

Q: I feel like this is a good idea but I'm still not sure?

A: Every person will be called to different teachers for different reasons. The best way you can make a decision that is right for you is to allow your intuition to lead you and to take the time to discern the energy you feel about a situation. Sometimes people feel hesitation at the idea of healing because they have become identified with their pain and are afraid of letting it go. Take your time to decide and notice any signs or synchronicities that lead you to a yes or a no. 

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