Tantric Energy Reading 

When you sign up for a coaching program, you get unique guidance using energy reading tools that help you navigate life and relationships on an internal level. This is an intuitive and spiritual upgrade that helps you know yourself and others more deeply and intimately. Some of the energy reading tools used are: 


Tantric Numerology : Using your date of birth to determine your life path and what specific energetic practices, mantras and kriyas will help you on your spiritual journey. 

Tantric Palmistry: Each person has a unique fingerprint and line mapping on their hands (as well as their face and body) that explain a certain pattern of energy. By learning how this imprint describes your specific karma and character traits you can alter the physical patterns on your hands and effectively alter the patterns in your life. 


Tantric Tarot: A special Tarot reading for any and all questions related to self-love or relationships. 


Tantric Runes: A Tantric application to the traditional Nordic divination system. 


Tantric I-Ching: A Tantric application to the traditional Chinese divination system. 


Tantric Astrology/Synastry: An astrology reading using Roman & Vedic elements for oneself or to see how compatible you are with another partner. Date and specific time of birth needed.