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What is Energy Reading?

Energy reading or Divination is the art of "discovering what is hidden or obscure." During an energy reading an intuitive reader is able to tap into your personal energy to help you clarify situations and their surrounding influences. By bringing certain aspects that may have been in the shadows to light, you are able to move forward with the best decision for you. One could say that divination is the art of making the best decision. 


Throughout history, many rulers have used psychics and oracles to read the energy of a situation before making major decisions. Monarchs, presidents of major countries and many of the leading power players in the financial world regularly use these techniques, though it is rarely publicized. 


How Can it Benefit You?

By choosing a talented reader you are able to better know yourself and make your life flow more smoothly. All paths are essentially the right path because you will always learn a lesson and grow no matter what, but it's always an advantage to make the right decisions that increase ease and joy in your life and help save you time that may otherwise have not been well spent. 

During an energy reading, you are not only tuning into your mind, but on a deeper level into your spirit, so a reading can actually be a very healing experience. Past dots may be connected to future dots. Unseemingly related characters or circumstances may directly tie into other scenarios, and overall there is a sense of clarity and innerstanding about all the various puzzle pieces of your life. 

Very often the answers during a reading will confirm what you subconsciously know but may have needed some assistance in verifying and strategizing about. 


Types of Readings


Tantric Numerology : Using your date of birth to determine your life path and what specific energetic practices, mantras and kriyas will help you on your spiritual journey. 

Tantric Palmistry: Each person has a unique fingerprint and line mapping on their hands (as well as their face and body) that explain a certain pattern of energy. By learning how this imprint describes your specific karma and character traits you can alter the physical patterns on your hands and effectively alter the patterns in your life. 


Tantric Tarot: A special Tarot reading for any and all questions related to self-love or relationships. 


Tantric Runes: A Tantric application to the traditional Nordic divination system. 


Tantric I-Ching: A Tantric application to the traditional Chinese divination system. 


Tantric Astrology/Synastry: An astrology reading using Roman & Vedic elements for oneself or to see how compatible you are with another partner. Date and specific time of birth needed.  

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