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What is Tantra?

Tantra is a yogic & meditative practice to awaken one to their divine self. It is a technique of spiritual transformation. Tantra helps you to accept and love all aspects of yourself without any judgement. You begin to have a greater feeling of compassion and intimacy with life as you see the interconnectedness of all things. 


The way Tantra transforms you is by helping you reconcile all opposites (dualities) within yourself. You unite your masculine and feminine (Shiva and Shakti), your lower and your higher self (by activating and raising your kundalini energy), and your inner self and your outer self (by seeing that everything you experience externally is sourced internally). You realize the importance of going beyond this duality and polarity and begin to transcend all the pushes and pulls of life, as you reach a more expanded, peaceful neutral state. Things don't bother you as much anymore; you enjoy what comes and let go of what goes, and you become a true master of your reality. 


The Techniques of Tantra

Tantra is the origin of nearly all of the yogic practices, including Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. The difference between Tantra yoga and various other yogas is that Tantra is the most highly potent of all yogas. It is considered a faster path to self realization and is designed for householders, meaning everyday people, to be able to practice it without having to live in isolation or dedicate their lives to a monastery. Tantra yoga uses techniques such as the breath, mudras (seals), bandhas (locks), mantras (sounds), yantras (visuals), yoga, rituals, and direct energy transmissions from a guru (teacher). These techniques are like secret keys that unlock the codes to your consciousness and awareness. There is no belief required in this as Tantra is a path of experience. Simply experience what happens to your consciousness and your life experience as you practice Tantra to see whether there is truth and benefit in the practice. 

Activating Your Kundalini Energy

Each human being has a powerful energy coiled up at the base of the spine known as the kundalini. This energy is the primary activating life force of your existence. It's like a storehouse of your full potential as a spiritual being. When you raise your energy upwards from the lower energy centers (chakras) like the root, sacral and solar plexus (associated with survival, sexuality and power) to the higher energy centers of the heart, throat and third eye, you expand your spiritual experience. For example, people who practice sex transmutation and raise their sexual energy upwards will notice they have better control over their sexuality and are able to use that creative energy to attract more high vibrational experiences. They have more energy and become more magnetic to what they desire. 

Activating your kundalini means activating and connecting with your higher self -- your divine self. You can feel subtle sensations as you are activating your kundalini which will correspond to various shifts in your consciousness. 


Sacred Sexuality & Tantra

Tantra is famously associated with its sexual practices. The truth is that sexuality in Tantra is seen as a means to greater spirituality. It is another technique; one of the highest possible. Men can learn to move their kundalini energy upwards and have multiple orgasms, during which the ego is no longer present. Women can realize they are forms of the goddess and enjoy being worshipped during the sexual ritual. Couples can enjoy full body orgasms together as they merge into divinity. The spiritual practice of Tantra becomes integrated into your being and you extend your orgasmic state outside the bedroom. You can activate states of blissful energy not just a few seconds as most people do, but for days on end. Sex is a metaphor and blueprint for life. Sexual energy is not only the energy of physical creation, it's the energy of all artistic creativity and personal creation. 

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